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Why Progressive Machining?

Progressive Machining in Milford, Delaware, uses the latest technology in parts manufacturing including the latest machining equipment, highest quality of metals, and a process that ensures your breaker plates are made to withstand the needs of your industry. We value our customers as part of our team and we put our customers first.


About Breaker plates


Breaker plates, known as extruder plates, extrusion plates and many other terms, are used in the plastics (polymer) industry, medical industry, food industry, automobile industry , and many others. Read More about Breaker Plates here.



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To get a quote for your breaker plate needs, please visit our Quote Request form. We look forward to serving all of your breaker plate needs.


Breaker plates, extruders and more . . .

Thank you for considering your breaker plate needs and our other quality services at Progressive Machining.  We have delivered quality repairs and replacement parts to the plastics industry, medical industry, food industry, auto industry, marine industry, and agriculture for 32 years

At Progressive Machining, we understand that a simple part such as a beaker plate can render a line useless. Timely and quality work are what we have taken pride in over the years. Our customers have found that thru our reverse engineering of their parts, we have successfully duplicated  parts that were before only available from OEM. In some cases we have actually extended the life of high wear parts, such as barrel liners for coneader extruders, by changing materials and heat treating. 

As a customer, Progressive Machining wants you to feel as if you have entered a team atmosphere or a partnership where the goal is for the finished part to be a blend of your specific needs and our capability to listen and reproduce your direct requirements.  This specialized attention simply is not attainable with most OEM facilities.  For added ease, we have incorporated a means by which to upload digital pictures of your parts for our evaluation.  Remember the adage, A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!  We have been very successful with this system over the years with part duplication such as breaker plates (both single and 2pc plates), screen changer slides, barrel liners, screw elements, barrel modifications and screw tip ends as well as special strand dies made for high wear applications and scored bag film dies where Progressive Machining has developed a unique scoring die system.

We use the latest technology for your breaker plates and other partsBreaker plates made on latest machning technology

Progressive Machining has just purchased (2) new C.N.C. Proto Trak SLK Lathes which are specifically designed to do short run or one off parts and can be programmed right at the lathe for faster expediting of your breaker plates or other cylindrical parts.  We also have in our machine force , (2) Proto Trak Knee Mills , a Fadal 40 x 20 Machining Center, a Wasino 10.0 L4-J Production C.N.C. Lathe, A Blanchard Grinder with 30.0 chuck,  Do-All Surface Grinder (8x24) , Sunnun Hone for precision hole sizing, and a 3.0 Horizontal Boring Mill with large table, and many more welding and fab machines to aid us in completing your parts to your specific requirements. In the shop all of our C.N.C. machines are networked with offline programming using the Gibbs System Cad / Cam.  All of our parts that require heat treating are done by Robert Wooler Company which performs top quality work as well as high tolerance inspection.  It is our belief at Progressive Machining that parts which require specific heat treating attention, such as CM3 and D-2 must be done by a company that specializes in high quality heat treating and inspection, not some shop with only limited capabilities.  Your parts, before shipping, will be inspected for dimensional tolerances, surface finish requirements, heat treat requirements, and cleaned and deburred. 

About Jack Dickerson - Owner, Progressive Machining

Jack Dickerson and Daniel Dickerson breaker plate specialistsJack Dickerson, owner of Progressive Machining in Milford, Delaware, attended Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Apprentice School between the years of 1971-1975. While their Jack manufactured, as a machinist, parts for  the frigate California and the carrier Nimitz. Jack then graduated from the Apprentice School and  went to work for Platex building high speed production machines. Later, Jack took a job at Nasa: Wallops Island where he built weather rocket payloads. 

In 1977 Jack had an opportunity to start his own shop and he began to build strand dies, barrel components for single screw and twin screw extruders, breaker plates and elements for coneader extruders.  Progressive Machining has, over the years, also serviced local business with repair machining.

Thank you for considering Progressive Machining for your Breaker Plate Needs

We look forward to working with you. Should you have any questions regarding our process, our breaker plates or the quote request information, please email us, use our contact form or contact us by phone at 302-422-8913.