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Breaker Plates known as extruders, screen and many other names

What are breaker plates/extruders?

Breaker plates are screens which filter, thru the addition of various meshes of screen, contaminates from the final product.  They are placed in the product stream  usually just ahead of a die which is used to produce the final product.  breaker plates made by Progressive Machining, DelawareThey can come in many different hole sizes and hole configurations, many different types of materials, and can be produced in one piece styles or in two piece configurations. They can be removed  from the machine manually or with inline auto screen changer. Breaker plates are then cleaned and reinstalled in the machine. Through time though they break down due to mechanical or heating and cooling fatigue problems. Think of a breaker plate much like the oil filter that protects your cars engine.

What are breaker plates made of?

Different industries have different specifications as to what types of metals and materials breaker plates are made from. Examples include Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel and others.

Other terms associated with Breaker Plates and Extruders

Breaker plates and their accessories are termed under many different words and phrases. Below we have listed some of the more common terms associated with breaker plates. NOTE: This may not be a complete listing.

  • Screen Plate
  • Extruder
  • Coneader
  • Single Screw
  • Twin Screw
  • Screen Pack
  • 2 piece Breaker Plate
  • Inline Heads
  • Cross Heads
  • Rotary Heads

Who uses Breaker Plates

Breaker plates are used in many different industries such as the plastics (polymer) industry, medical industry, food industry, auto industry, marine industry, and agriculture industry along with others. Without breaker plates, the production of the finished product these industries produce would not be of good quality as it would contain impurities that could make the finished product break down or not meet certain standards for the industries using them.

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